www.mnt.com.tr (“Site”), the personal information of its users and members that they use or share in the website, regardless of the conditions and conditions determined by these principles, the law and the mandatory provisions, does not share it with any third parties without any instructions, use it for commercial purposes and sell it for no reason. The Site shall take all kinds of measures and precautions in order to prevent such information to be kept confidential by the Site management such as personal information, name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail address or IP information. The Site shall not be held liable for any material / moral damages that may arise due to personal information received by third parties despite the necessary precautions and precautions taken.

www.mnt.com.tr declares that it will evaluate the personal information provided by the parties in order to provide better service to its users and to make the Site more functional.

The Site reserves the right to make changes to the provisions of this Legal Information at any time, but any changes will take effect as of the date of publication. Therefore, the "Legal Information" page on this Web site should be visited frequently.



1.1. This agreement (the “Agreement”) is the right of MNT Sağlık Hizmetleri ve Tic. A.Ş., the owner of the rights to www.mnt.com.tr (also referred to as the ”Site”). Inc. (MNT) and the User / Member who voluntarily agrees to this Agreement and accepts all terms of use in this Agreement.

1.2. This Agreement specifies the terms of use of the Site and the database and advertisements on the Site, the operation of the system and the conditions between the Parties. The Site reserves the right to make the necessary changes without prior notice to the User when it deems this Agreement necessary, but such changes shall take effect immediately upon posting the modified Agreement on the Website. In order to be aware of these changes, Users must visit the relevant parts of this Web Site frequently.

1.3. The site is an independent website of Akdeniz Baharat, where brands and products are promoted free of charge for informational purposes, while allowing visitors to communicate. The Site also allows members (Members) to send informational messages of services and products periodically, provided that they are registered as e-newsletter membership upon request of visitors.

1.4. The Visitor or Member who does not agree to the terms of the contract must cease to use the Site. The User / Member who continues to use the Site is deemed to have accepted and confessed all the provisions of the Agreement.


2.1. The intellectual property rights of the images, photos and visual data related to the brands and products included in the Site are exclusively reserved for Akdeniz Baharat Ticaret A.Ş. legal entity and investors. Regarding these, brands or products used in off-site areas should be removed immediately within the framework of legal rights if Akdeniz Baharat requests removal of picture and visual data. Due to the accuracy, falsification, errors and inaccuracies of such unauthorized images, photographs and visual data, the Site has no responsibility and no commitment to its accuracy.

2.2. Information about the company, brands or investors that are included in the website is kept up to date in the light of the information provided by the company and project owners and investors. In case of a complaint or objection regarding the company and its brands in any way, the subject (s) may be removed from the Site by notifying the Company authorities.

2.3. The information contained within the website serves the purpose of informing the visitors and the Company accepts no responsibility for any decisions or damages that visitors may take based on the information contained on the site. The Company is not a party to any legal relationship with third parties on the basis of the information contained on the Site and accepts no responsibility for such relations. Visitors and Members may not use the information obtained from the content of the Site, the database and the screens directly in the way that the company and product brokerage / brokerage activities itself.

2.4. The Company does not accept any liability arising from disruption of access to the Site under any circumstances and reserves the right to terminate its activities at any time without any reason and without prior notice.

2.5. The Company accepts no responsibility for any damages arising from direct or indirect access to links to other third party websites on the Site.

2.6. Although the site is free of viruses, trojans and similar software, measures are taken within the existing facilities, but the visitor is obliged to provide his / her own virus protection system and provide the necessary protection for the final security. Within this framework, the Visitor accepts that he / she is responsible for all errors that may occur in his / her software and operating systems and the direct or indirect consequences of these errors.

2.7. Visitors may act on the Site only for lawful purposes. Legal and criminal responsibility of the visitors in every transaction and action within the Site belongs to them.

2.8. There is no fee charged for any service received through the Site.


3.1. The Site shall not share the personal information of its users and members that they use or share in the site with third parties, except in cases of law and mandatory provisions of www.mnt.com.tr Privacy Policy. Site, personal information, name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail address or IP information will be kept confidential within the management of the Site in order to prevent this information from third parties will take all kinds of measures and measures. However, the Site will not be held responsible for any personal information received by third parties in spite of the necessary measures and precautions. The provisions of this Agreement and the Confidentiality Agreement are complementary to each other.


4.1. The Site's interface, including, but not limited to, the Site Database, its design, content, text, image, html code and other code and its algorithm, is owned or used legally by the Site. Visitors do not have the right to sell, resell, process, distribute, share and display the intellectual property rights of the Site. The Site reserves the right to retain all rights to the Services, Site content and information, copyrighted work, commercial appearance, or other assets and information provided by this portal to the users under this Agreement. The use of this information, including, but not limited to, the provisions of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, will constitute a criminal offense under other relevant provisions, and legal and criminal proceedings will be applied to those who perform these acts.

4.2. The MNT brand and logo are registered trademarks of Akdeniz Baharat and any use of these by users constitutes a trademark infringement.


5.1. This Agreement is subject to Turkish Law and Istanbul Anatolian Courts and Execution Offices are authorized for the settlement of any disputes arising from this Agreement.


6.1. Visitors agree to the terms of this agreement by using the Site. Akdeniz Baharat may change the provisions of this agreement at any time and these amendments shall take effect on the date of publication on the Site.

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