• International Experience in Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology

    Your experienced and strong solution partner with 50 nuclear medicine, 10 radiation oncology and 10 oncology centers in 26 cities of Turkey and 6 countries around the world…

  • Pioneering Enterprise in Nuclear Medicine Entrepreneurship

    30-year experience of Bozlu Holding translates into the most preferred firm by healthcare organizations of Turkey and the pioneering company of the sector...

  • Strong Financial Structure

    Stronger financial structure thanks to partnership with International Finance Corporation (IFC)...

  • Turn-Key Project Management

    Progressive and rational solutions with holistic approach for nuclear medicine and radiation oncology departments…

  • World-Class Enterprise Service in Oncology

    Enterprise service at global standards for healthcare organizations thanks to staff of specialized healthcare professionals and high-tech equipment…


Resource optimization


Quick process


Increasing efficiency


Up-to-date knowledge and technology


Sustainable solutions


Specialized staff


Project Design and Installation

For the healthcare organizations we collaborate, we ensure smooth and timely completion of all phases, ranging from prospective and rational project design.

  • Project design
  • Equipment Supply and Care Services
  • Supply of Disposables
  • Recruitment of Healthcare Personnel
  • Licensing and other Permits
  • Project Management and Supervision

Enterprise Management

We render “complete nuclear medicine business” services by supplying equipment, personnel and radiopharmaceutical agents in the fields of diagnosis and treatment in nuclear medicine.

  • Radiotherapy
  • Radiosurgery
  • Radionuclide Treatment
  • Intraoperative Gamma Probe
  • Ga-68 PSMA PET-CT
  • Bone Density Measurement

We support our personnel with trainings for high-quality sustainable service, while all means are available for our physicians and technicians to enable them monitor up-to-date information and technological advancements.

  • Certified Training
  • Medical Physics Training
  • Applied Radiation Safety Training

Your Professional Business Partner

MNT provides the healthcare organizations with professional business solutions in fields of nuclear medicine and radiation oncology based on our experience and knowledge gained since 1990.

We provide our contract centers with specialized and personalized diagnostic and therapeutic means for all processes of nuclear medicine and radiation oncology, ranging from early diagnosis to post-treatment follow-up.

Our widespread service network in Turkey is ever increasingly improving worldwide and we proceed to be a global brand...

Why should you prefer us?

MNT Health Services

MNT Health Services and Trade Inc. is one of the leading companies of Bozlu Holding. In 1990, as the first formation in our country Nuclear Medicine business and began as business activities of MNT International Hospital Department of Nuclear Medicine, constantly expanding its network services provider today from 26 provinces across Turkey; 50 Nuclear Medicine Centers, 10 Radiation Oncology and 3 Oncology Centers.

Project and
Business Management

The goal of MNT is to provide diagnostic imaging and cancer treatment solutions to healthcare businesses as a whole in the health sector. Projects are analyzed by expert teams and carried out with the principle of efficiency. Thanks to the coordination between design and implementation, possible problems are solved in the shortest time and in the most appropriate way.

Further Details


MNT, which has maintained the same vision since its inception, continues to lead the sector with every step and becomes an integrated solution partner of health institutions with its activities in the field of oncology.


Our values

Quality control, effective management, communication and training equipment to raise awareness, with the participation of employees to ensure customer satisfaction, meeting the needs and expectations to ensure continuity.


Our vision

MNT Health Services is known as a respected and competent international brand with services that make a difference in the sector.

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